My favourite place of work - Box End

My favourite place of work - Box End

GerrY - triathlete, sprint & standard distance

'I'm happy to recommend Alice's swimfit sessions. Her classes are thoughtfully structured and well run and they're aimed at all abilities.

Alice provides great feedback during sesions and she is happy to give one-on-one attention where required. My swimming has improved noticeably during the time that I've been swimming with her.'


'Alice is an outstanding swimming teacher.  My 10 year old son’s swimming had plateaued and he was becoming frustrated and was losing confidence as he was falling behind his peers.  It only took her three lessons to turn things around completely (he moved up two swimming levels).  He has recovered his confidence and his love of swimming and is steaming ahead now with a much improved technique in all four strokes.   The lessons were full on but also very fun because of Alice’s lovely, friendly personality.  He has been begging me for more.  :-)'

Robert - new to triathlon, sprint distance

'I have been coached by Alice (group session - 1hr per week) over the past 18 months and my swimming has greatly improved. From the start of only being able to swim an energy sapping 100 metres front crawl to now being able swim 1800+ metres front crawl with ease. I feel I am technically better, fitter, all strokes improved and the main benefit to me - enjoying my swimming. 

I feel Alice is an excellent swimming coach both on a one to one basis or in a group. She balances her teaching between technical and fun with bags of encouragement and enthusiasm. She prepares the lessons well, always there pre and post lesson to listen and/or give feed back and never seen her without a smile on her face.'


Caroline - experienced triathlete, sprint & standard distance

'I have been coached by Alice for getting on for 2 years now.

In that time my swimming and confidence has come on leaps and bounds through Alice's endless patience and eye for detail in ironing out issues, in what is such a technical sport. 

I had reached a plateau in my swimming having gone from learning front crawl to being able to complete in triathlons but my times weren't really improving and I disliked the swim part of the event..I wanted to just get through it in one piece! After having coached me for a short while, Alice encouraged me to change the way I breathed from one sided to two sided (bilateral breathing) as, for me, that would help my overall technique. It took a long time for me to get used to the change and I doubted myself so many times over those months and without Alice I would have honestly given up. 

She was very patient with me and spent time to give me detailed sessions to follow at home. She was the first to give praise when I made small breakthroughs with my progress but also supportively firm when I needed a push to carry on. 

I am now a more confident swimmer who actually enjoys swimming and being able to cover distances that previously were quite daunting such as an Olympic distance triathlon through to a 2 mile event in the Serpentine in London earlier this year. Not bad for someone who wasn't a big fan of swimming!'

Jane L - triathlete, sprint distance and fitness swimmer

'I have known Alice for just over five years and have always been inspired by her triathlon knowledge, experience and achievements. It is no surprise that Alice's swim sessions are popular, as Alice is a wonderful and encouraging coach who can help people at all levels improve their swim technique and overall fitness. I have also just signed up for a block of 1:1 sessions with Alice and after only one lesson, I can already feel the benefits of improved technique. I would thoroughly recommend Alice as a coach whatever your fitness goals.'


Alice is a great coach. She helped me complete my first Ironman last year and continues to deliver structured training sessions that challenge and improve my technique which led me to a sub 40min 1900m swim in a race this year, a 5 minute PB. She delivers sessions that cater for all levels, there are athletes new to swimming and those that qualify for international races at her coaching sessions. Each session she builds on skills and challenges us to tweak and focus on the weaknesses to improve our technique and feel for the water. Her feedback is constructive, clear and focussed; it gives me clear points to work on and develop between sessions and improves my awareness in the water. 

She has helped me improve my confidence and understanding of my own technique, and she does this all in a fun and supportive environment. 

I would recommend her to anyone who is looking to improve their technique, confidence and speed in the water; from novices to the more experienced swimmers. I know I have benefited greatly from her encouragement, training sessions and support.  
Thanks Alice!